I received a letter from a reader of my books. This person told me that she is a practitioner of hypnosis. This was my response to her.

Thank you for sharing your testimony. I’m glad you’ve found my book helpful.

Concerning hypnotism, I’ll briefly offer that I do believe it is extremely dangerous. I believe any external ingredient that altars the mind, such as alcohol and other drugs, is dangerous because it compromises the seat of our emotions and will, and who knows what else. Does hypnotism help people? Whether the answer is yes or no is not the issue. The issue is what is the origin of the power that purportedly heals or helps.

Witchcraft is a good example. I’ve found from my experience in deliverance ministry that witchcraft is a bona fide facilitator of demonic power. It works. Ironically, some witches purport to be white witches. That is, they feel they’re using their power to help people, not to hurt them.

I recall one man who sought my assistance to get rid of a demon who had invaded him and tormented him by moving around in his ear all the time. He got the demon by going to a witchdoctor (he was African) to get rid of a sickness. He was healed of the sickness, but took home a demon as part of the cost of seeking help through a condemned practice.

Alcohol helps the sad person forget their misery. Fornication helps the lonely feel loved.

But not without a cost.

I urge you to reconsider this practice of hypnosis. The human mind belongs to the Lord. No person should yield it to another. And no person should presume to manipulate something that should be directly accessed only by the Lord.

Here are two interesting articles on the dangers of hypnotism. The first is from a Christian source that tells of a person who lost her memory after being hypnotized. The other is from the Huffington Post reporting how several teenagers lost their lives after being hypnotized.

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