Welcome to Eric’s School

of Spiritual Warfare and Supernatural Ministry!

Don’t fear, I’m not an egomaniac. My school has my name in it because there are a ton of spiritual warfare schools referenced online. If I want to be noticed from among the crowd, which I do, I must have some distinguishing branding feature. What better way than to use my name?

Your Second Step

The first step was you reading the verbiage on the Start Here page and perhaps watching the video. Your next step is to now join the school by clicking on facebook.com/groups/ericmhillauthor and requesting to join,

Your Third Step

Answer the three preliminary questions asked of you when you request to join. Some people forget to answer the questions. Your request will only be processed once you answer. So please don’t forget!

Your Fourth Step

Read the group description. It includes the purpose and protocol of the group. Your familiarity and agreement with them will help us all work together with maximum unity.

Your Fifth Step

Briefly introduce yourself. You know… just a little something to let us know who you are and what you’re looking for in the school.

Your Sixth Step

Review the postings in the school’s Facebook group page. This will give you a feel for the group. It will also let you see what topics I’ve taught, and perhaps you can catch up on some of them by watching the videos.

Your Seventh Step

Review the teaching tools. Presently, here’s what we have for you:

  • You Tube videos on our You Tube channel: Eric’s School of Spiritual Warfare. Please subscribe to the channel.
  • Articles in support of spiritual warfare and supernatural ministry: https://www.ericmhillauthor.com/spiritual-warfare-blog/.
  • Past comprehensive teaching sessions on deliverance ministry. These are presently posted on the school’s Facebook group page.
  • Present comprehensive teaching sessions on deliverance ministry are taught via Zoom video conferencing on Sunday evenings from 6:00 – 9:30 p.m. We had our first one on August 6, 2017. You may participate by audio only or by video. Audio is a good way if you don’t want us to see your lovely face!
    • You will need a password for access. Passwords are posted each week on our group Facebook page. Also, since the sessions can get lengthy, feel free to exit at any time. No pressure. You know your home obligations.
    • I prefer that students read the entire Gospel of Mark and my book, Deliverance from Demons and Diseases, prior to joining the teaching sessions. However, if the student reads all of Mark (presently, not some time in the past) and at least purchases my book, the student can begin the sessions. The e-book version of my book is only $2.99; so this shouldn’t break the bank (smile).
  • Contact with me on Facebook.
  • Teaching on spiritual warfare, deliverance ministry, and supernatural ministry done through my spiritual warfare novels: https://amazon.com/author/ericmhill.

Okay, let’s do it!