Month: January 2018

Keep Your Sin to Yourself!

As our society grows in its moral evil and hatred for God, and tries to intimidate us into its corrupt image, we will need to resolutely embrace the attitude of Psalm 119:115: “Depart from me, you evildoers, for I will keep the commandments of my God!” No need to apologize for doing what’s right. Those who laugh at us today will soon be trembling in stark terror as they stand eternally condemned before the throne of the Creator they boldly mocked. Jesus Christ is the only true God. He is coming back to claim what is His. And to...

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How Unconditional is the Love of God?

This full article may be listened to as a podcast by clicking here. “God loves you unconditionally.” We hear this over and over from well-meaning preachers, teachers, and typical Christians. But is it true? The short answer is yes. God’s love is unconditional. But what does this beautiful truth mean? That requires the long answer. The answer that provides biblical context. Often, when you hear someone say, “God loves you unconditionally,” you are hearing a truth presented in support of a false doctrine, a heresy—a teaching that mixes truth and error. Enough error to make the doctrine lethal. Like...

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My Response to a Christian Hypnotist

I received a letter from a reader of my books. This person told me that she is a practitioner of hypnosis. This was my response to her. Thank you for sharing your testimony. I’m glad you’ve found my book helpful. Concerning hypnotism, I’ll briefly offer that I do believe it is extremely dangerous. I believe any external ingredient that altars the mind, such as alcohol and other drugs, is dangerous because it compromises the seat of our emotions and will, and who knows what else. Does hypnotism help people? Whether the answer is yes or no is not the...

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